Features of Web Hosting

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Hosting Packages

Web hosting has been responsible for a lot of benefits that firms and organisations have received throughout the years. Web Hosting packages offered by service providers can primarily be owned or leased by clients. These services include a bunch of services that are critical to web hosting. So, here we are going to discuss in-depth about the essential features of web hosting.

Storage and Space

One of the highlights about web hosting is the allotment of storage and space that can be either owned or rented. This storage will include content from the site, graphic or other material used on pages, files for download, etc. If additional storage is your requirement, then you will be able to receive that, as the server or the web application will generate that. With more space, you will be able to add pictures, music, content and a lot more based on your choice.



Uptime is another primary feature of web hosting that decides the point of sales for a web hosting service provider. The amount of uptime generally describes the time which customers will be able to access the website. Reliable providers will guarantee around 99.55 uptime, and that is what clients look forward to.

The Control Panel

Control Panel features a set of tools that guarantees the task of uploading and managing web pages, subdomains, FTP accounts add-on domains, parked domains and a lot more. Tools relating to privacy and security are also on this list, and that makes them all the more important. Such powers will be restored in the hands of the website owner, and only he/she will be able to use them to its full extent.

Building Tools

Building Tools

Website building tools are often utilised as a part of the web hosting features. These tools vary according to the level of advancement, and more enhanced tools will help you add a photo album, ads, newsletters, blogs, visitor tracker, guestbook and much more.

Data Transfer and Bandwidth

Data transfer is the data that will be transferred on a monthly basis. But there is a prescribed limit, and you will be charged a certain fee if you go beyond the limit. Bandwidth can be described as the limit, as it explains the amount of data that can be transferred at one time. If you have been allocated a less bandwidth, your website might be slower regardless of your high-speed internet connection.

Domain Name

A domain name can be described as your face on the world wide web. It contains your name and address, as displayed on the internet. Once the domain has been registered, the name is purchased and will be available for a specified period. Hence there are chances that it might expire, so you need to renew it before it does.

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