The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Cloud Hosting

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Cloud Hosting

As everyone knows, cloud hosting has been widely accepted and loved as well as a part of the public vocabulary for the better part of the past 10 years now and yet there are still so many uncertainties and a lot of confusions about all of its pros and cons as well, these should be well established among the people who use and also its potential users. In this article, we shall look at some key cloud hosting disadvantages and advantages which includes some dangers whether they are real or perceived. The dangers of hosting data on your cloud are also listed. Let us take a plunge into the information and see what you learn.

Here are some advantages:

The scalability: The main advantage of cloud hosting over the technologies which precede it and some current alternatives is because of the ease of scalability. Hosting in the cloud has been known to open up so many possibilities for the infrastructure to encompass a lot of servers to provide some extra capacity. This would allow for a lot of flexibility if you want to scale up quick and if you want to deal with some unexpected traffic surges which have the potential to cause some problems. It is important to create an infrastructure which can grow with a lot of requirements over a substantial period of time.

some advantages

It shows better performance:

For some of the reasons which are mentioned above, cloud hosting has been known to offer much greater scalability and it also has been known to offer really good performance. That is because of the addition to the increased capacity which leads to the increased availability for you and your customers. It has also been known to allow the load balancing across a lot of servers. The end result as you would know causes less strain on any server and also a better user experience for a lot of individuals.

The reduced costs:

Cloud hosting can indeed remove the absolute need for you to buy, house and also maintain your own hardware and this would completely reduce how much money you spend.


Here are some disadvantages of cloud hosting:

Security: (One of the most important things and yet it is in the cons)

If you and the web host are following the best practice, the security risks that are associated with cloud hosting are indeed minimal. That being said, some agencies have been known to feel a lot safer and secure knowing that all of their data is in a metal box which cannot be tampered with and that it stays in one place. A cloud can indeed be hacked and that is one of the main disadvantages.


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